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Оборудование для полистиролбетона


Attention. Read well all that will follow. We will try to cover all question you might have and mention some point you might never thought of. When you are buying machinery you need to plan power consumption, economic (how to gain profit) and for sure to avoid unnecessary problem.

For that, you will need two pillars:

  1. Machinery should provide declared by manufacturer all technical specs since you will plan based on that parameters.
  2. Equipment should not break down that often i.e. should work for you instead of fixing it all the time. Once you decided to install machinery ask yourself what going to happen to it in year or two. Can you afford all the time to repair it and how much will it cost you many and nerve. On the other hand, maybe you will have to get rid of it.

Concrete mixed with water are strong grain materials that affect machinery parts and this need to take in consideration. There is no way to avoid it even using grease retainer or rubber using that will only make harder to fix it. Even replacing those grease retainers or rubbers will not do any good since shafts will be worn out by then so it will be just a waste of money. You will need to replace the whole thing.

That is why we need to take certain steps to prevent expensive repair works too soon after installation. That will cause to have a bit higher price for client but will save you a lot time and money so you can focus on business as usual instead of all the time fixing it.

That is very important to keep right steal grade. Parts that affected by strong grain should be made of chrome steal 40 KH; 35KHGSА and that kind of, as well as, it should undergo heat treatment. Bad quality steal cause often machinery and joint repairs and that simply unacceptable.

Mixer components for the same reason should be made of the thick enough and durable steal, especially, conveyer flight will be affected at first place.  Choosing parts for our machinery, we heed to the fault statistics considering our own experience (we have stat for 3 years), as well as, taking data from the past (more than 5 years). Therefore, we have the whole picture how long it will last.  This applies to all machinery and accessories, correct installation, its adjustment, and interaction so called manufacturing process. You are purchasing not only machinery but manufacturing process based on practical expertise of all your predecessors.

How does all that mentioned above can have anything to do with reliability? Well, if you will follow all listed criteria we will offer to you extended warranty to all machinery that we manufacture. Besides extended warranty for a year and a half your can choose plan that covers 5000 hours of the primary joints. On warranty even, all that you have to do you will have to send faulty joint that we will be fix for free or it will be replaced by new part. For sure, there should be preventive maintenance works that it not that difficult to perform and well documented in manual. Warranty does not cover expendable materials: elastic coupling (you can buy it just for 300 RUB and replace it in 15 minutes) and stuffing box (spare part comes with machinery).

Good luck with your startup.


Sincerely your,

Light Concrete Technologies, LLC