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Оборудование для полистиролбетона


Light Concrete Technologies, LLC manufacturing equipment to produce Expanded polystyrene

These days manufacturing thermal efficient construction materials and supply with is the primary goal for any plant that produce expanded polysterene. 

EPS blocks, mortars, window and door blocks, adjacent slabs, as well as interoom gypsum separators is segment that has high demand on the local and CIS market. 

To be able to produce high quality construction materials you have to have top tier equipment that is fully automated and well efficient.

Light Concrete Technologies, LLC well mastered following fields:

serial production of EPS machinery;

well outlined process of production;

fully automated production lines od EPS;

mobile equipment to produce EPS;

gypsum mixers to produce slab separators with feathers and gutters;

forms to produce EPS, gypsum and foam gypsum blocks

Our company testing new light concrete technologies prove testing it and finds best-fit solution

Besides that, we take seriously that it would be the best solution heeding to the economy and technology matters. We use only best quality parts to produce our automated lines and forms.

All parts are genuine and provided by the best local and foreign suppliers

Light Concrete Technologies, LLC manufacture equipment, form and automated lines. In addition, the main and foremost goal to go along with is to provide reliable and troubles use of our goods.

The way that we sustain it is initiated feedbacks with our clients and alignment with their needs. 

Besides that, we have our own plant (Beal, LLC with production 100-cub. m. per shift) where we testing all that we produce and only after that, we move it into the production.

All goods are well testes for ages and proved to be good.